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SYNEVO ROMÂNIA is seeking a legal counsel

SYNEVO ROMÂNIA is seeking a legal counsel.

Managing Director of Synevo Romania, with functional reporting to Legal Head of the Synevo Division.

– offers legal advise and assistance for Synevo Romania;
– support’s company’s interests, ensuring up to date compliance with the law and accurate implementation of the latest legislation;
– supports and guides Synevo in the Balkans within the legal area, through engagement of local lawyers as needed.

– is in charge with monitoring from the legal point of view, of all contracts with landlords, customers, services providers etc;
– is in charge of maintaining company’s official documents and keeping them up-to-date, being responsible for preparing and keeping all resolutions and files as required by law;
– analyzes and approves from the legal point of view company’s contracts, adapting them as appropriate taking into consideration the legislation and company’s interests;
– offers legal support in negotiating, signing and extending standard and non-standard contracts with landlords, providers and customers;
– enforces – in and out of court – any kind of claim held by the company and defend the company against any kind of claim asserted against the company by a third party;
– informs the concerned parties about the legal implications of the contracts;
– constantly updates and communicates the information related to legislative changes;
– preparation and performance of internal training on legal issues;
– is aware of the legislative changes and communicates them internally in due time, explaining the implications for the company and its business;
– is in charge with obtaining and extending the necessary authorizations, certificates, etc – from the legal point of view;
– provides legal advice on any matters of legal relevance in response to queries raised by senior management or other employees;
– is responsible with monitoring and ensuring compliance as regards the documents within the company, as per agreed internal procedures and local legislation;
– is in charge of contacts with company’s external legal advisors;
– distributes the legal information and Medicover Group procedures to the newcomers with management role;
– participates at the negotiation of Collective Labour Contract;
– participates at the elaboration of the “House Rules”, informing the company’s management about the legal implications;
– prepares specific reports, as requested;
– is pro-active and can suggest improvements to internal procedures and processes from the legal point of view;
– represents and acts appropriate with the purpose to support company’s interests;
– has good collaborations with all departments, develops positive working relationships;
– collaborates with the MD to solve legal issues for Synevo Romania and the Balkans;
– collaborates with the legal specialists, lawyers and other key people from Synevo Division and Medicover Group depending upon projects;
– maintains the relationship with the other lawyers within the Medicover Group, and provides information and support as requested;
– has a professional approach and behavior that reflects company’s values and image;
– maintains confidentiality as regards all company’s related information (employees, customers, providers, other data).

– minimum 5 years experience – relevant as in house lawyer or as legal counselor;
– previous experience from working in an international environment;
– previous experience related to medical and/or laboratory business may be an advantage;
– solid knowledge about corporate and commercial law (commercial legislation, labor code, civil code, etc.);
– experience and good skills in negotiating and drafting commercial contracts, such as service agreements, customer agreements and similar types of agreements, both in Romanian and in English;
– excellent communication and presentation skills, both in Romanian and English (written and spoken);
– orientation towards internal and external customer;
– team-player;
– able to set priorities and work with short deadlines; very good planning and organizing skills;
– able to analyze and interpret complex information and to provide accurate data;
– diligent and attentive to details;
– problem solver, pro-active and not afraid of taking responsibility;
– integrity, and constant strive to learn and develop;
– good interpersonal skills;
– holder of a clean criminal record;
– graduated of Law University;
– very good PC skills.

If you meet our requirements and are interested in joining our team we will be pleased to meet you.
You can send your resume at:

Anunțul este valabil pentru municipiul București.

* Anunțul expiră la data de 23 martie 2017